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2018: The Year Of Change

2018 was somewhat of a total game changer for Skilled Labour Services (Southern).


As in previous years, for most businesses, the start of a new year involves planning, forecasting and setting objectives. For Skilled Labour Services (Southern), 2018 started in a similar fashion, however, a few months into the year, it came to light that whilst the business was operating soundly, there was the opportunity to review and improve our offering; for both contractors and sub-contractors.


This led to a full review of all aspects of the business – from how we employ new labour operatives, through to performance reviews of construction projects undertaken. Coupled with in-depth research, 2018 saw Skilled Labour Services (Southern) completely rewrite their management systems, with a strong focus on service delivery, all of which aims to deliver on the mission to become the  ‘labour provider of choice across the South of England’ for contractors and sub-contractors alike.


This, in turn, led to the team doubling in size and outgrowing our office in Cosham. In September 2018, Skilled Labour Services (Southern) moved to a larger managed office, within Lakeside, North Harbour.


Alongside the management changes which were undertaken throughout the year, 2018 remained a busy year on site. In the last 6 months alone, we placed 322 labour operatives across 55 different construction sites, for 20 customers.


Looking ahead to 2019


With the management changes now in place and the business operating soundly, for 2019 we will be solely focused on doubling our efforts to be the best labour operative in the field. Unlike other construction recruitment companies, we will continue to operate exclusively in the groundworks and civil engineering sector. This enables us to continue to offer a superior level of expertise in this specialised field.


For 2019, our improved in-depth recruitment processes will enable us to focus on the recruitment and retention of quality and reliable labour and groundworks operatives, all of whom hold the necessary certificates and qualification to work on UK construction sites.


Unlike other construction recruitment companies, our senior management team are not desk-bound, and for all new projects starting in 2019, a representative from our senior management team will be on site in the early days of any project to introduce labour operatives to clients and ensure a smooth hand over and briefing of requirements. Our management team will also be hands-on throughout the duration of all projects to ensure our labour operatives are delivering to the high standards our clients expect.


Whilst 2018 was the year for change for Skilled Labour Services (Southern), 2019 will be the year for implementation and delivery. We very much look forward to you joining us on the journey to being the ‘labour provider of choice for the South of England’.

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