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A new breed of Fleet Management

Skilled Labour Services have been looking for a Fleet Management System that would help us look after our drivers, our fleet and the environment for some times now.


We have finally found the perfect solution.


Lightfoot provides live, in-cab coaching, helping drivers improve both efficiency and safety, rewarding them for being better drivers.


It is far more than just a vehicle tracker.


Lightfoot’s dashboard device, which guides drivers to a better style of driving as they drive helps drivers achieve greater efficiency and since using Lightfoot Fleet Management we have seen a huge improvement in fuel consumption and driver behaviour.

We can proudly report we have had :



• No Accidents
• No dangerous driving reports from the general public
• A reduction in Idling by 4%
• Reductions in CO2 emissions by almost 5%.
• A 67% Reduction in dangerous driving

Richard Allen-Director

Overall Improvement

We have seen an overall improvement on the condition of wear and tear on our entire fleet of vehicles and with driver safety being at the forefront, the dashboard device warns our drivers as soon as they are over speeding, harsh accelerating and harsh breaking causing them to cease this activity.


Reports on driver behaviour are also emailed every morning to the SLS head office so we are able to spot trends and proactively stop drivers from using vans if deemed necessary.

Director Richard Allen says:

With Lightfoot on our side, we now have a virtual fleet manager and the key to safe driving, that ensures the safety of our workforce and a positive impact on our vehicle insurance.

Director Richard Allen

Another great benefit Lightfoot provides is allowing us to issue our drivers with unique driver PIN numbers, this allows us to see who is driving the vehicle with every journey.

Lightfoot is an absolute game changer and we cannot recommend Lightfoot enough.

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To find out more about how Lightfoot can transform your fleet, visit : https://www.lightfoot.co.uk/

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