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A Solution for Groundworks and Civil Engineering Sector

Whether you are an employer or an employee in the construction industry, you will have heard about the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS card). And, you could be wondering, “How does a CSCS card benefit me?”


Well, CSCS cards are becoming a necessary requirement in the construction industry. Actually, they determine the chances of construction workers getting jobs in the industry.

Why Construction Workers Need A CSCS Card

Yes, your experience in a particular field of construction is indisputably important. However, with the increased emphasis on construction industries to improve on standards and safety, employers and contractors want construction workers to have a nationally recognised qualification for their speciality.


CSCS cards prove that those working on a construction site have relevant training and qualifications for the tasks they are doing. Therefore, employers are increasingly verifying if all the workers on their construction sites have CSCS cards that match their qualifications. Notably, CSCS cards vary based on the construction job.

Benefits of CSCS Card Holders to the Contractor

While having a CSCS is not a legal requirement (yet) for getting construction jobs, most principal contractors require that all construction workers on site hold a CSCS card. Before obtaining a CSCS card, the applicant must prove that they have the competency in handling hazardous substances, as well as health and safety awareness.


As a principal contractor, you have a huge workload awaiting you. The project has to complete on time and to the highest standards possible. Therefore, while it is your responsibility, you hardly have time to check if all your workforce at the construction site has their CSCS cards. If possible, all construction workers showing up at your site should have their CSCS cards.


Fortunately, it is possible!

The Solution: Skilled Labour Services (Southern) 

Skilled Labour Services (Southern), is a Portsmouth based specialist labour provider for skilled construction workers. Skilled Labour Services (Southern) supply skilled labour to medium/large construction companies for construction and civil engineering projects across Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Surrey, and beyond, extending into London. We solely focus on construction workers involved in groundworks and civil engineering sector.


To qualify for any work with Skilled Labour Services (Southern), as a construction worker, you must have your CSCS card. If you don’t have the card, you will not be considered for work. But there is hope.


Obtaining a CSCS card is simple!


In applying for the card, you will have to prove that you possess the training and qualifications for the particular job you will be carrying out. We are willing to advise you on how you can get the card. Alternatively, you can visit the official CSCS Card website and follow the steps. Once you have the card, it is valid for 5 years.


For contractors seeking our services, we assure you that you will only get construction workers who are qualified in their respective fields and have a valid CSCS Card. Therefore, all the hassle of searching for workers in the market with relevant training and qualifications is off your back. We will handle everything for you.


At Skilled Labour Services (Southern), we are committed to health and safety on construction sites and as part of the rigorous and detailed application process for all job applicants, we ensure our operatives hold the necessary qualifications for their position and insist on our workers holding a CSCS card.


Do you have a job you require labour for? Contact Skilled Labour Services (Southern) today.


Are you a groundworker, who holds a CSCS Card and are looking for work? Visit our current vacancies and apply for work today.

About Author : Liane Power