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Can ‘hired in’ labour gangs be reliable?

In May 2017, Skilled Labour Services recorded 8,505 man hours and with attendance rates at a steady 97%.


Having worked in the construction industry and for multiple clients for as many years as we have when sourcing tradesmen, apart from the quality of the labour, reliability of the work force is a key selling point, and as a result, heavily scrutinised. As a dedicated labour only supplier, it is imperative we employ a workforce who are committed to every job
they are employed to work on. Reliability is key.


But how do we do it?

Not one to want to give our secrets away, but here is how we ensure we maintain such strong attendance rates with our workforce:

  • We provide labour gangs with reliable work vehicles (at zero margin) to ensure personnel arrive together and importantly, on time
  • 58% of our workforce has represented the company for over two years, ensuring high levels of trust
  • Reputation allows us to introduce new operatives by way of referral/recommendation rather than advertising
  • We never accept a contract if we feel we do not have the correct personnel available


And most importantly, we operate ONLY within the Civil Engineering and Groundwork’s sector; hence we understand the customer expectations and objectives.


With Brexit and the upcoming election making for an uncertain future there are distinct financial, commercial and administrative benefits by having a flexible workforce.


Filling the void between an experienced Sub-Contractor and an Agency, Skilled Labour Services is well positioned to service new clients who are looking at ways of creating a scalable business model utilising hired in ‘reliable’ labour gangs.


Want to discuss more than just our reliability rates? Speak to SLS today!

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