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Facing the growing skills shortage head on

Despite the government investing over £1 billion into training and apprenticeship schemes in recent years, the construction industry is facing a growing and alarming skills shortage.


With an ageing population and a retiring skilled workforce, all eyes are focused on the younger generation and encouraging them to learn a trade and become a skilled worker.


But with heightened health and safety regulations, and increased training requirements by contractors, are we discouraging a younger workforce simply by out pricing them from the outset?


As an employment agency, we are acutely aware of the rules and regulations governing the industry, and stepping onto a construction site is surrounded by red tape – workers require a growing list of certificates, which require a substantial upfront investment. We are also on the front line of witnessing a shortage of skilled workers in the workforce, and whilst in comparison to previous years, growth of our database of civil engineering tradesmen has slowed down.


With minimal funding for construction training available through the government, companies such as us are making a focused effort to increase appeal into the industry. We aim to work with our existing workforce to ensure they gain the necessary qualifications and certificates required for civil engineering projects; and to financially incentivise them to promote their trade and refer friends to join Skilled Labour Services.


CSCS Training Opportunities

The past month saw us put four workers through CSCS Training. Although the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry is not a legislative requirement, every site we work on requires workers to have this certificate at the very least. We manage the booking of the course for our employees and by offering flexible repayment terms for the CSCS training, our workers remain committed to the company long after the cost of training has been paid off.


The Future of the Construction Industry

The future of our industry is reliant on the younger generation, and we remain committed to offering regular and consistent employment opportunities to newly skilled workers. In doing so we hope this will demonstrate being qualified in a skilled trade is an appealing employment and career choice.

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