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How to recruit the best in class groundworkers and civil engineering operatives

Skilled Labour Services (Southern) follow a very specific set of internal guidelines when sourcing and placing new operatives.


We set the bar very high for our prospective new recruits because we understand that our end clients need to have bright, hard-working and diligent groundwork operatives working on their construction project.

Skilled Labour Services (Southern): the labour provider of choice for the construction industry


Over the years Skilled Labour Services (Southern) have built up an outstanding reputation with project managers of medium-sized civil engineering construction projects in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset and across the South Coast.


We go over and above what is expected of us when sourcing, training and supplying skilled groundwork labour. This is why we have become the number one go-to company for construction project managers in search of quality temporary staff.

How do we make sure you get the best groundwork labour for your construction project?


Skilled Labour Services (Southern) have perfected our sourcing and onboarding process to ensure that we only attract, train and supply workers of the highest calibre.


Here is a little bit more about how we attract, vet and retain our key workers so we know we will always be able to supply the exact level of skilled labour that our clients need.

Skilled Labour Services (Southern) candidate sourcing


  • Skilled Labour Services (Southern) run highly targeted recruitment advertising campaigns on key social profiles where we know our potential new recruits can be found.
  • We invite potential new groundwork operatives to contact us via phone or email as highlighted in our job advertisements that are posted online.
  • Our experienced recruitment team will carefully review each and every job applicant and ask them to submit their working experience and copies of their accreditations. We will also call for relevant references when needed.
  • Our team will keep track of all applicants via our dedicated CRM database. This makes it quick and easy for us to match our staff with your construction project skill requirements.
  • Any new skills acquired or training completed by our staff will be updated on our CRM so we can make sure that you get the labour that is the right fit and has the right knowledge, experience and training for your needs.
  • On no account do we ever add operatives to our operatives database without first having proof of their accreditations.

Professional Onboarding Process


  • When a Project Manager contacts us at Skilled Labour Services (Southern) with their job requirements our operations team will use our database to identify suitable candidates that meet with your requirements. We will use filtering by location and/ or accreditations and availability.
  • Chris Douglas, our Operations Director, will then call our matching candidates to discuss their working experience in more detail.
  • Suitable candidates will then have a face to face interview arranged to further ensure their suitability for your job. This process (which few construction companies do) is carried out before they are placed onto your site to ensure that we deliver you with the correct person for the job.
  • We conduct a thorough background check on all suitable groundwork candidates to make sure that there are no discrepancies in their experience.
  • Once an agreement is negotiated, the candidate will complete and sign a formal contract that outlines the details of the job, expectations, requirements, job duration and salary.
  • We will then contact our client to advise of the new starters name, the start date and will also arrange to have the recruit’s certifications and accreditations sent to you via e-mail.
  • Chris Douglas will then meet the new starter on-site for the induction on their 1st day of work and a welcome e-mail will be sent out to the candidate.
  • During the project, Chris Douglas will liaise with both our labourer and client to ensure that our staff are meeting the requirements of the job and delivering you with good service.


If you want to know more about the service Skilled Labour Services (Southern) provide, or are looking for groundworkers for your next construction project, contact us today.

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