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How well does your agency know and understand your requirements?

With so many construction recruitment agencies out there, how much does the ‘recruitment manager’ sitting behind the desk and placing tradesmen on your site really understand about what you actually need? When time is money, can you really afford to have the wrong man on the job?


It is quite common for general construction recruitment agencies to be sourcing and placing operatives across 50+ trades (58 in the example shown on the left!). But as the client, do you ever question:

  • Do such agencies result in being the ‘jack of all, master of none’?
  • Do they personally know the experience and qualifications of the tradesmen being placed on your site?
  • Do they understand the job and the detail of the works required?
  • In fact, have they even set foot on a building site?


In our experience, the answers to most of those questions is NO!


But for Skilled Labour Services this is our point of difference… We are a specialist labour provider that operates ONLY within the Building & Civil Engineering groundworks sector.

Here are 5 great reasons to choose SLS

  • We have a tried and tested model that works… focused on one sector… Building and Civil Engineering.
  • David Roberts, our Contracts Manager is a former site man with 20+ years experience as Groundworker, Machine Operator and Foreman. There is nothing this man does not know about groundworks.
  • Richard Allen, our Managing Director is a qualified Civil Engineer, with 20+ years industry experience as a Setting Out Engineer, Site Manager and Contracts Manager.
  • We only supplier site labour, groundworkers, plant operators, gangers, foremen shuttering carpenters & steel fixers.
  • All operatives come to site, ready to work in our fleet of 15 branded vehicles, with most small tools.


By hiring self sufficient 2/3/4 man gangs on a flexible basis, it enables you, the client, to resource your projects more efficiently whilst maintaining the same level of output and quality. Plus we have quite a bit of experience in the industry… our management team have a combined experience of over 40 years in construction and civil engineering so can expertly advise what resource you need on projects. You can also be confident, that we have stepped on quite a few building sites in our time!


If you want the best in class, then use the best in class!


Contact us today to discuss our point of difference and how we can help you.

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