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Project News: HMS Queen Elizabeth docks at her new home in Portsmouth Dockyard

Watched by tens of thousands of people across the world, earlier this month Portsmouth celebrated the arrival of the the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier the HMS Queen Elizabeth, to it’s shores.


The Skilled Labour Services (Southern) Ltd team watched with great pride, as the £3 billion warship, berthed at the newly rebuilt Middle Slip Jetty in Portsmouth Dockyard.


Prior to the ships arrival, the Royal Navy had invested £34 million in the re-generation and refurbishment of the 90 year old jetty, and Skilled Labour Services had provided a team of 14 civil engineering operatives for the duration of the 18 month long project. The team, all of whom required security clearance to work within the dockyard, were responsible for the re-construction of the jetty.


Dictated by the tide, our team of civil engineering and construction workers had to work round the clock on tidal shifts to construct and implement a re-enforcement protection system, to ensure the updated jetty could withstand the harsh coastal elements it would be subject too for many years to come.


The highlight of the £350,000 project for the company, was the arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth into Portsmouth waters on 15 August 2017, with Contracts Manager David Roberts stating, ‘For our men, this was a true endurance job. They worked tirelessly, in un-socialable hours for 14 long months. So to finally witness HMS Queen Elizabeth arrive in Portsmouth Harbour and dock against the new jetty, which they helped build, is a proud moment for all.”

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