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SLS Achieves Approved Member Status Renewal for Constructionline and Builder’s Profile

Skilled Labour Services (Southern) is pleased to report that it has successfully renewed its highly prestigious status as approved members of both Contructionline and Builder’s Profile for the second year running.


Constructionline and Builder’s Profile are both highly accredited and recognised construction industry bodies that set a very high benchmark for their qualifying members.


Constructionline, a register for pre-qualified construction contractors and consultants, requires all applicants to pass a qualifying question set that was developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI). This ensures that all construction labour suppliers meet with stringent industry standards for construction procurement.


Meeting with the requirements set out in the PAS 91 enhanced questionnaire means that SLS has been recognised as a ‘validated’ service that is fit-to-supply civil engineering project managers with their construction labour needs.

SSIP validation


In the construction industry especially, it is essential that suppliers adhere to a high level of health and safety standards.


SLS understand that our company must demonstrate its compliance with all current Health & Safety regulation due to the nature of the work and the risks involved.


Our SSIP certification helps to give our clients great peace of mind that they are working with a professional company that takes great care of its construction workforce.


SLS has been awarded  Constructionline Gold Accreditation, which means that we met with several further validation checks that are of special interest to buyers, using an enhanced pre-qualification questionnaire that goes beyond PAS 91.

Builders Profile


Builder’s Profile offers an open-access Common Database service providing compliance and PQQ information to the construction industry.


To be able to be listed in the secure Common Database, SLS had to pass a PQQ question set to meet with their formal pre-qualification requirements. This means that our labour services meet with the demands coming from Private Sector and Public Sector construction companies for the supply of well trained, competent, reliable and trustworthy construction staff, civil engineering and groundwork labour.


Builder’s Profile helps to reduce the costs of managing supply chain compliance and PQQ information when finding labour suppliers. Construction project managers can easily find reliable and experienced professionals, such as SLS, that are fully qualified to work on your project.

Working with Skilled Labour Services (Southern)


If you are a project manager of a medium-sized civil engineering construction project on the South Coast, and you are looking to source the very best and most qualified and experienced temporary labour for your construction project, then we are in the best position to work with you.


Our dedicated labour teams cover Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Wiltshire, Berkshire and London. We are the labour provider of choice in the South of England and we work with a high number of prominent construction firms on a diverse range of construction and civil engineering projects.

The labour provider of choice


Skilled Labour Services are experts at matching the needs of our clients with the temporary labour force that they are looking for.


Our hard-working and dedicated management team are based at Lakeside, Portsmouth. With a management team that has over 80 years of combined civil engineering experience, SLS are industry experts in the supply of highly skilled construction labour operatives.


We take great care of our registered contractors and offer a high level of on and off-site industry-specific training to ensure that our staff keep developing and improving their skills and construction industry knowledge.


In return, we have built up a team of dedicated and loyal staff that been with us for many years. Our dedicated staff take great pride in their work and are committed to attaining and maintaining their skills and knowledge to remain as our top construction talent.


SLS is dedicated to encouraging more young people into the industry to set them up for a career in the construction industry. This will enable us to continue to supply project managers with the skilled and experienced staff they need going into the future.


We do this by paying for our new recruit’s first CSCS card and giving them first-hand working experience on-site under the close supervision of our fully-trained staff.


Working with Skilled Labour Services will not only deliver you with the knowledgeable and experienced staff that you need for a successful project, but you will be helping to support our mission to fill the growing skills gap in the construction industry.

Contact our friendly team today


If you would like to discuss your temporary labour needs for your up and coming construction or civil engineering project, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are here to help you succeed!

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