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Wearing the right clothing on site during the winter weather

Working on construction sites during the winter can be hugely challenging, but if you are wrongly dressed, it can make it even less enjoyable and the appeal of skipping a days work to hide indoors can be hugely attractive. But a skipped day could result in you being replaced in your gang, and potentially without work, during what is already a challenging season for construction workers.


So with the arctic blast giving the South Coast a good battering, and keen to keep all of our sub-contractors busy in work throughout December, we have compiled a handy list of top tips on how you can brace yourself for the cold weather, and keep yourself warm whilst outside.


  1. Dress like an onion… what we mean by that, wear multiple layers, as opposed to one single layer. This creates a layering system with air pockets which warm up whilst you work. Aim for at least a three-tier layering system… a base layer, a mid layer and outer layer.
  2. 30-50% of heat is lost through your head. Think smart and invest in a good wool hat or liner for under your hard hat.
  3. Invest in a waterproof outer layer.
  4. Avoid cotton vests… great for showing off your guns in the summer, but not a good choice for the winter as when cotton gets wet, it loses its ability to insulate.
  5. Use wool socks, or if you really want to push the boat out, go for merino wool but don’t be tempted to wear multiple pairs and squeeze your feet into your boots as this will squeeze out all the air which ultimately is what will keep you warm… Do the wiggle test and ensure you can still move your toes when they are in your boots.
  6. Use a close fitting (tight) wicking layer closest to your skin. Choose synthetic materials which have wick technology and take moisture away from the body.
  7. Choose a pair of boots, not shoes, with thick insulated soles


As the Norweigan’s say “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”. So take heed from those (almost) arctic experts and upgrade your wardrobe. No excuses!

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