Fifteen years ago, I encountered a challenge in the construction industry – sourcing reliable labour for groundworks, rail and civil engineering projects. As a Site Manager, I grappled with the limitations of agencies, which failed to understand the unique demands of our sector. Out of this frustration, Skilled Labour Services was born. Skilled Labour Services […]

In the expansive landscape of construction staffing agencies, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options available. However, when it comes to sourcing skilled labour for civil engineering projects, sourcing quality labour is sometimes hard. Often staffing agencies will offer staff for multiple trades across various industries. Let’s delve into why having […]

Simplifying Workforce Competence: The SLS Approach In today’s rapidly evolving construction sector, ensuring workforce competence is non-negotiable. At Skilled Labour Services (SLS), we recognise the challenges faced by construction companies in retaining skilled staff amidst an ever changing workforce landscape. The process of maintaining workforce qualifications is not only costly but also time consuming.   […]

As we delve into January, the construction industry continues to grapple with one of its most unpredictable factors in the UK – adverse weather conditions. At Skilled Labour Services (SLS), we understand that heavy rain, snow, storms and extreme temperatures can significantly impact your work progress and production schedules. In this blog, we aim to [...]
2023 - Reflecting on a Year of Steady Growth. As we near the end of 2023 we reflect on the year we’ve had. Despite the economic challenges such as recession and escalating costs, we’ve had a good year with a 36% increase in turnover. Our success is attributed to supplying consistent, reliable temporary labour gangs [...]
This month we wanted to highlight a success story that celebrates the power of collaboration and how SLS supports local contracts being delivered by businesses that are based further afield.   About a year ago, our journey took us to a Midlands based construction company with a labour requirement for a substantial groundworks project in [...]
25th October 2023
In the ever-evolving landscape of the UK construction industry, reliability is a cornerstone that ensures projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. Companies that provide skilled labour to this sector understand that the key to success lies in building dependable work gangs. At Skilled Labour Services, we've recognised the significance [...]
28th September 2023
There's a well-known saying about people being a Jack of all trades but master of none. What does that mean for the successful delivery of your construction project? When you’re under pressure from the client to deliver their project on time and within budget, why risk your success by putting unproven workers on your site? [...]
10th August 2023
Why the construction industry will keep calm and carry on - whatever the headlines say! If you’ve been following our articles you’ll have spotted that SLS takes a calm and measured approach to whatever business, life and the Great British press throws at the construction industry.    And there’s a good reason why we aren’t [...]
14th July 2023
Qualifications expectations in 2023 Once upon a time you could walk on to a building site with no qualifications, specialist equipment or PPE and find yourself a job. Of course that was around the same time that accidents, injuries and even loss of life were “just a part of the job”. There wasn’t anyone for [...]