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On-Site Skills and Drug Testing

Simplifying Workforce Competence: The SLS Approach

In today’s rapidly evolving construction sector, ensuring workforce competence is non-negotiable. At Skilled Labour Services (SLS), we recognise the challenges faced by construction companies in retaining skilled staff amidst an ever changing workforce landscape. The process of maintaining workforce qualifications is not only costly but also time consuming.


One of the key challenges in the construction industry is the constant need for skilled and qualified labour. Companies often struggle to keep up with the demands of ensuring that their workforce possesses the necessary qualifications to meet project requirements. This is where SLS steps in, offering a unique solution that sets us apart in the market.


We provide gangs with ‘tickets,’ that allows our clients to access experienced and qualified labour with a single phone call. By partnering with local training providers, we invest significantly each year to ensure our operatives possess the necessary qualifications to meet customer demands seamlessly. This not only saves our clients time and resources but also ensures that their projects run smoothly without any delays due to workforce competency issues.


Drug Testing On-Site

Drug testing has become increasingly prevalent on construction sites, with main contractors enforcing strict policies to ensure the safety and productivity of the workforce. The consequences of failed drug tests can be severe, resulting in a significant portion of the workforce being unable to work and causing delays to the project. At SLS, we understand the importance of maintaining a drug-free workforce, and we handle all the groundwork to ensure that our operatives are drug-free and ready for deployment. This proactive approach not only mitigates the risks associated with drug use on construction sites but also provides peace of mind to site managers.


Our commitment to simplifying workforce qualifications and addressing emerging challenges underscores our dedication to our clients’ project success. We strive to be more than just a labour provider; we aim to be a trusted partner that understands our clients’ needs and provides tailored solutions to meet them.


If you’re looking for a reliable partner to support your construction project and ensure workforce competence, look no further than SLS.


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