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2023 – A substantial turnover increase to reward a unique service

2023 – Reflecting on a Year of Steady Growth.

As we near the end of 2023 we reflect on the year we’ve had. Despite the economic challenges such as recession and escalating costs, we’ve had a good year with a 36% increase in turnover. Our success is attributed to supplying consistent, reliable temporary labour gangs to the Civil Engineering sector.

Key Factors Behind Our Progress:

Deep Understanding: Our management team possesses a thorough understanding of contracts, production processes and service requirements ensuring a smooth operational process.

Specialisation in Civil Engineering: SLS operates exclusively within the Civil Engineering sector, avoiding diversification into multi trades to maintain a niche focus.

Structured Workforce: In 15 years, we’ve carefully built a workforce of over 100 operatives, creating a team with a proven track record in successful contracting.

Long-Term Employment: Our commitment to offering extended periods of employment fosters loyalty among our workforce, contributing to stability.

Dedicated Contracts Managers: Each customer benefits from dedicated contracts managers, ensuring a personalised service.

Health & Safety Support: SLS prioritises safety by offering comprehensive Health & Safety support through regular site visits, audits and detailed reporting.

Director, Richard Allen, reflects on the year: “The last few years have been tough. In the past four weeks, we have received enquiries from four contractors, all with the same problem. They are having issues with the labour they are receiving from alternative providers, be it quality of work, amount of production or attendance.


I am involved with tendering for groundwork’s packages on a daily basis and recognise if a gang can lay a few extra metres of drainage each day, it is cost effective to pay a bit more. Although we recognise we have to remain competitive, we have a responsibility to our client to provide a temporary labour option that is comparative in ability and attitude to their existing workforce.

Every new customer this year has requested further gangs within weeks of their first order – evidence our approach is working. I’d just like to thank all existing clients for embracing a slightly different approach to temporary labour, and we look forward to supporting you further in 2024.

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About Author : Liz Clarke