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Why choose Skilled Labour Services?

Successfully delivering a construction project relies on three things:


  1. Delivering on time
  2. Being on budget
  3. Achieving quality standards

That means that making the right choice of labour supplier is a critical success factor for your project.


In a crowded market of recruitment companies, many with aggressive sales tactics, Skilled Labour Services is proud to take a different approach.It’s an approach that puts you at the core of everything we do. We call it The SLS Way. 


Read on to find out what The SLS Way means for you and the success of your projects. 


Understanding your needs


Working with SLS isn’t like working with other labour suppliers. Our team are construction professionals who have ‘walked in your shoes’. This means we already have a deep understanding of the day to day labour challenges you face on site. 


The SLS Way means that we will work closely with you, taking the time to understand your project and labour requirements. This allows us to plan the resources you need throughout the project phases and with allowances for variables – because this is construction and plans almost always change.


This approach means that you will be adequately and cost effectively supplied with the labour you need, when you need it. Never too much or too little.

Compliance as standard


The SLS Way means the health and safety record of your project is a non-negotiable – for you, for us and for the people we supply. Maintaining the processes and standards that help us to achieve this is a priority and we are proud to have scored 100% in our most recent H&S audit.


In addition we hold Constructionline Gold, Acclaim and Builders Profile Premium accreditations giving you peace of mind that the labour we supply will always be compliant with recognised industry standards.


Our attention to detail extends to the processes followed when onboarding new operatives ready to work on your site(s). You will never be sent a member of staff who hasn’t been subject to rigorous checks regarding their,

  • Accreditations and tickets,
  • References, and
  • Right to work.


Before our staff arrive for their first day on your site you will have received copies of their accreditations and tickets to complete your site records.

Operational support throughout your project


Unlike many labour suppliers, we don’t just send staff your way and forget about them. The SLS Way means that a member of the management team will be there on the first day to introduce you to our operatives. And it doesn’t end there.


During the project you can expect to see one of our management team at least once a week – we’ll be there more if you need us but you probably won’t because we supply quality operatives. And at the end of the project you’ll be invited to take part in our project review.


This is an important part of our process and enables us to make continuous improvements to the service you receive.

Mind the (skills) gap!

It’s widely accepted that there is a growing skills gap in the construction industry and it’s something we are tackling.


The SLS Way includes a commitment to training our operatives which means that we provide additional training when needed to ensure our operatives are amongst the most skilled in the industry. And because we use a network of local training providers, we can access the training needed in a timely fashion. 


What’s more, if your needs change as the project progresses training and upskilling can be arranged to ensure that your project remains on track in terms of time, cost and quality.

A service you can rely on


As we mentioned before, our management team are experienced construction professionals – which means they know the skilled labour operatives can be notoriously unreliable. This is a problem SLS has worked hard to overcome and is a key differentiator between us and our competitors. 


The SLS Way means that we proactively monitor the attendance of our operatives, informing you of absences at the earliest opportunity because we know communication is key and that attendance is a KPI in our contracts with clients.

When it comes to the management of our operatives, we have a strict attendance policy in place that is applied consistently. Repeated absences are not tolerated.

The SLS Way and your construction project


The SLS Way underpins everything we do. By setting out the standards you can expect from us we make it easy for you to hold us accountable. But the great news is, you won’t need to. Our high levels of repeat business and low staff turnover are proof that we deliver on our promises.


To find out more about working with SLS on your next project, contact us on 02392 652138 or visit Richard,Liane & Chris on Linkedin

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