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Government Scheme causing Skills Shortage in Construction



Self employed Construction workers continue to claim Covid support despite not needing it while the industry remains open.


£2.3bn in grants were claimed last December alone ,the scheme was there to ensure workers had the support during the first national lockdown but is has been increasingly easy to abuse due to the industry remaining open despite restrictions.

SLS Director Richard Allen says:

The Government needs to stop providing support to construction’s army of self-employed.


Construction isn’t affected by this lockdown at all so why should we subsidise workers who choose not to work?


The bill for this pandemic is big enough already without the government providing support that isn’t needed.


With some European workers taking the money and returning home due to Covid and others choosing to take the grants and not work this is causing serious shortages across the industry.


The scheme has now created a situation where people no longer need to work and MP’s are being called to reform the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.


Despite the scheme there are still many hardworking individuals within construction who continue to work and support the industry.

As an agency SLS have had their fair share of responses from operatives who we have called for placements, to only be told ‘i am ok for money at the moment and i don’t need to work”


This ontop of reports of workers who have successfully applied for grants despite no loss in work just highlights the lack of need for this scheme.

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