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Remote working & Enhanced Productivity

Skilled Labour Services seized the opportunities presented by remote working and we won’t be going back..

When lockdown hit the UK in March 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, many businesses were forced to adopt new working practices just to stay operational.


Businesses, large and small, had to think on their feet to provide their staff with the IT, support and business infrastructure they needed to stay open and, for many, pivot their entire business model.

How Skilled Labour Services achieved a seamless transition

As panic and confusion reigned for many of our competitors, the SLS team took matters in our stride.

  • No sudden purchases of new IT equipment.
  • No turmoil about how our business would operate.
  • No confusion amongst the team of how we would continue to meet the needs of our clients.

Even though we had previously been office based, the use of cloud-based software meant the SLS team were perfectly set up for home working.


Skilled Labour Services Director Richard Allen commented,

When lockdown hit, we had to act quickly, but because all of our systems have been cloud based from day one it wasn’t as complicated as it could have been.

The team adapted quickly and have been working remotely since March, it works for our team and I know our new set up still ensures clients are looked after the best way possible.


We developed a set of ‘rules’ for getting the most out of working remotely and have used them to develop a brilliant, free guide for anyone who wants to be more efficient and productive when working from home.

As lockdown eased and we were able to consider how to work in the future, we made a decision to implement hybrid working.


The Skilled Labour Services team now work from home 4 days a week and have a weekly catch up at our relocated ‘head office’, The Old Bond Store, Southampton. It’s a hybrid solution that enables us to continue working remotely but stay connected as a team in a fabulous environment.

A hybrid solution

2020 has seen businesses move away from their offices and embrace working from home.


Although it has been an important survival step for many businesses and their workforces, is it a long-term solution, or is there another way?


Over recent years there has been an increase in co-working facilities allowing people to retain a workspace without the financial commitment of an office.


Until now, this has been particularly attractive to small businesses and sole traders as it has offered an important escape from the isolation of full-time working from home.


But what about organisations with a team of staff?

Image Courtesy of The Old Bond Store Linkedin

Introducing The Old Bond Store

Working from home, even as part of a team, is not without its drawbacks.


People can feel isolated and disconnected and it’s important to remember that not everyone has the luxury of space to allow an area of their home to be dedicated for homeworking whilst still allowing them to ‘leave work’ at the end of the day.

Staying in touch with your team takes a little more effort when you work remotely which is why it’s important to put a procedure in place to help the team remain connected, for example, meeting up once a week as a team to discuss roles, work related issues and how to solve them.



Adopting a hybrid approach offers staff the flexibility to work from home whilst still having somewhere to go in order to meet meet face to face regularly. Working from places like The Old Bond Store is great for the environment and productivity too as your teams aren’t embarking on the dreaded commute every day or trying to focus in a noisy, crowded office.



And let’s not forget it’s also a budget friendly solution!

Image courtesy of The Old Bond Store Linkedin

Enhanced workplace wellbeing

Giving your employees flexibility means your teams are more productive. They can enjoy being able to go for an invigorating walk before work instead of a crowded and expensive commute.


They can balance their working day better, improving work/life balance for your staff has a positive impact on their mental health and sense of wellbeing.


When you need to get people together, The Old Bond Store offers an experience like no other.


Carefully designed with no typical ‘office layout’, it provides a space where your people can come to meet with colleagues, use meeting rooms and get super-productive in the calm, quiet surroundings. Many people have described it as an ‘oasis of calm’ over recent months!

There is a bar, a lunch menu, concierge service and as much coffee as you can drink!


As more businesses rationalise their office space and end costly office leases, places like The Old Bond Store offer the perfect solution to keep your staff connected.

An employee’s perspective

As an employee who now works remotely for 80% of my time, I can honestly say keeping organised and connected is key. Planning ahead gives me the chance to prioritise and tackle daily tasks efficiently. But while home working is flexible, it does focus, motivation and self-discipline.


I’m really proud that, as a team, Skilled Labour Service has continued to provide an excellent service to clients, irrespective of where we have been located. And I really enjoy being able to meet with my colleagues and work closely as a team, both remotely and within the calm elegance of The Old Bond Store.


Skilled Labour Services’ free guide to remote working

To help others embrace hybrid and homeworking in the same, efficient way we have, the team has compiled a brilliant guide packed full of hints and tips to make homeworking a success in your business.


It’s completely FREE, just click the link to receive your copy today.




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